Double Your Pleasure: Two Brides, No Waiting!

It started out to be an ordinary meeting with a bride and her fiancé, until they explained that it would be a shared reception with her sister and her new husband. Two brides, one reception!

Susan and C J Bonczyk, DJ Scott, and Scott and Ashley Orewiler under the palms before departure

Party Machine Celebrations has always specialized in unique and unusual weddings, but this would be a first. Not only was it a double wedding, but it would also take place aboard a boat. I was definitely looking forward to this one!

The Star of Texas on Lake Lewisville

Younger sister Susan planned her ceremony for Thursday, and older sister Ashley was to be married earlier the same day as their floating reception. We planned to double up on everything: two cakes, two wedding parties, two first dances…we even planned our own version of The Newlywed Game with two brides and two grooms. It could get a little redundant, unless…Party Machine creativity to the rescue! Here is how we introduced the sister brides and their grooms:

Thanks to my friend Keith “G” Mathis for this video footage. Movie fans will recognize the music and the fan dance from the White Christmas performance by Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen. The big feathered fans were once common on the vaudeville stage, but are extremely difficult to find these days. I got these shipped in from our friends in China. Whatever it takes for a good show!

After the introductions the Star of Texas left the harbor for a nice late-summer tour of Lake Lewisville that included a trip under a beautifully lit bridge. The upper deck became one big packed dance floor, and the energy was fantastic! I noticed that a small boat was creeping along on our Port side with their lights off, so I abruptly stopped the music and had 120 wedding dancers all wave at them and shout “Hello!” The other boat moved on.

We used a few simple Party Machine lighting effects, my favorite one being the ceiling starfield, achieved with a combination of laser and LED lights:

The whole ceiling became a field of stars!

We also had a pair of LED lights with bright red, green, and blue beams, that were apparently a little TOO bright for the Lake Patrol, who came for a visit and asked us to turn them off. It appears they were a hazard to navigation – not for boats, but for planes coming in to land at DFW airport. Another Party Machine first.

The evening sped past in a blink, and the crowd could have easily danced another two hours, but the Star of Texas crew had to call it a night. The captain was grateful that we did not play “I’m On A Boat.” That is in keeping with our “No Cheese” policy.

If you or someone you know is planning a celebration and wants a truly unique and memorable experience, call The Party Machine at 817-294-9539. No one has more experience making weddings unique.

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