This Party Is A Circus!

You simply never know what might happen at a party.

I was contracted to play background music in a floor covering warehouse.

Cool gig, huh? Really glamorous. Needless to say, I was not as excited about this as I have been for some of my other events, but being the consummate professional that I am, I decided I would have to MAKE it be fun. After all, that’s what they pay me for.

The client was a manufacturer, who was entertaining their distributors and wholesale customers with a daytime circus theme party.

I provided circus music. Clowns strolled around performing magic tricks and gags. Jugglers and acrobats performed various stunts. There was a circus tent in the parking lot.

A trained chimpanzee did stunts and played musical instruments.

I began to think this could turn out to be a pretty cool gig after all!

Then I saw something completely different: an elephant. Not only that, but his trainer was taking party guests on elephant rides.

Haven't you always wanted to ride an elephant?

Haven't you always wanted to ride an elephant?

Well, this was one of the items on my list of Things I Need To Do Before I Die, so I had to ride the elephant.

When I got home that evening, my wife asked about my day at work, and how things went.

I told her, “Just another typical party, and I rode an elephant.”

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